People`s relationship to different weapons is, of course, very different. While for some of us firearms are a symbol of obvious danger that is better avoided, there are people who commonly use such weapons, for example, in the course of their work, and even people for whom shooting with various weapons is fun.

We all perceive weapons differently. So while some of us like the reality of today, in which similar weapons are simply inaccessible to many people, thus preventing their possible misuse, for example in armed crime, others regret it. Some of us would just like to have some of those firearms so that they can shoot them just for fun from time to time, but the law doesn`t allow them to. And they should probably regret their hobbies.

černobílá pistole

But each of us should have the opportunity to have fun. So why can`t someone shoot if it takes place in a place that doesn`t hurt anyone? And that is also the reason why the shooting range Prague was created. This is where people who like shooting from various weapons like to go, but for whatever reason, they cannot do it at home.

This shooting range is completely safe, so there is nothing to stop anyone from enjoying it here. Here he will lend the visitor a weapon of his choice, even one that ordinary civilians must not own at all, and he can then shoot himself under the supervision of an experienced instructor, who will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

černobílý kolt

And thanks to the fact that English-speaking instructors are also available here, not only Czechs but also foreigners can enjoy it here. All you have to do is make an appointment here, all you have to do is get here, and everyone can `play the soldiers` here. And without bothering anyone or even endangering anyone`s health or life. And if you are interested in similar weapons, feel free to come here. You will not regret it.